The Cost of Being a Woman

Estrid Razor

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Have you ever heard of pink tax? The fact of the matter is, that you most likely are affected by it without even knowing it!

The sad fact is that even in 2021, women are at an economic disadvantage to men. Most have heard of the gender pay gap, that men in the UK are paid an average of £4.04 per hour more than women. Whilst this is shocking in itself, it doesn’t tell the whole story. Did you know that women pay more for similar products and services? This is also known as pink tax.

Estrid Razor


What exactly is pink tax?

Well, pink tax refers to the extra money that women pay for a specific product or service – particularly with healthcare products.

Last Christmas, I was purchasing a bike for my daughter. On the same website they featured both a blue and pink version of the bike with exactly the same specifications, however the pink version was almost 35% more expensive! Just because it was pink!

Shaving with Estrid

The most familiar example would be amongst popular razor brands. For years I have always opted for the men’s range as I realised, I was paying a premium for exactly the same product in the women’s range, again just because it was pink! You often see the same bog-standard double/triple razor blade, no moisturising strip or special features, yet the price mark up for the version marketed at women is a lot higher!

Overall, women in the UK are found to pay up to 34% more for a product or service compared to men, and in the US pink tax amounts to $1,351 per woman a year!

Recently, I was approached by a brand called Estrid to try out one of their razors and when I heard about the company’s core ethics, I jumped at the chance.

Estrid was created as the solution to our own shave-care problems. They believe in pair pricing, cruelty-free and high-quality products that are specifically made for women by women.

Estrid Starter Kit

Their starter kit includes:

  • a weighted stainless-steel handle with a rubber grip – I went for the lilac (space) version if you couldn’t have guessed! I’m obsessed with this colour!
  • A handy wall mount to keep you razor neat and tidy.
  • 2 x 5 blade razor head for a smooth precise and clean shave with a 100% vegan lubricating strip

I love the quality of this product and have found myself moving away from disposable products and opting for long term, sustainable options, which I explained in one of my recent videos here.

Shaving with Estrid

The Estrid razor is available as a subscription too, so you can have the secret to smooth skin without the premium, delivered straight to your mailbox and can be cancelled at any time!

The starter kit retails for £8.18 and the refills cost £10.25 for 4 replaceable blades – which I think is a bargain, when you compare to the popular shaving brands on the market!

Estrid also offer a range of other products such as a body oil wash (which I am adding to my basket right now!) and shaving cream etc.

Check out their full range here.

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