Spring Clean Your Life

We spend so much time spring cleaning our homes and having a good clear out physically, but how often do we look at ourselves?! The new year is usually the time for making resolutions and new starts, but its never too late for a self audit!

I try to make a conscious effort to recognise the things that are getting me down or record goals that I want to achieve and make steps to make those changes. There’s no denying that this past year or so has been hard on us all, so now is more important than ever to have a spring clean of life.



By diet I do not mean that I am restricting my food and following some fad celebrity routine! I noticed that I have been feeling very lethargic and just downright exhausted. As a result it is really easy to fall into a habit of not taking care of yourself and nourishing your body.

Water intake is a HUGE thing for me. I have come to recognise that when I don’t drink enough I really feel it – almost like a hangover! That combined with taking my daily vitamins and making sure I eat 3 meals a day make my off days a little more bearable and easier to face.



This is a hard one for me and something I still need to work on. I am terrible for picking up work late into the night or checking my emails as soon as I roll out of bed and getting straight on my laptop to start my work for the day. Before I know it I’m over my working hours, still in my PJ’s and not eaten a thing all day – if I have it was probably a chocolate bar!

This past month I have really tried to take the time to make myself some breakfast and lunch and have some time away from my work. I have never been a breakfast person, but I have found myself falling in love with discovering and preparing some incredible breakfast recipes!

The media can also  be a very depressing place right now, with cancel culture, Twitter wars and the current pandemic, it’s very hard to stay positive. I have tried to make an effort to switch off my phone and not engage in social media late into the night and sometimes throughout the day. Especially if I find I am having a rough day. I stay away from the TV and try to get out for some fresh air to enjoy the moment without getting caught up with everything else going on in the world right now! And when I can’t switch off at nigh



Moving away from our home town has definitely helped to action our relationships with others – we quickly found who are true friends were. Whether it’s cutting out some toxic relationships that are not invested in your continued well-being or perhaps reconnecting with old friends that you have simply lost touch with – think about how you can prioritise your time to your loved ones. We all know how easy it is for life to get in the way! Another good tip for this is clearing out your social media. How many of us have Facebook friends or Instagram follower that we don’t really know or content we don’t really engage with?


Set Goals

Setting goals was something I have never bothered with up until this year, when I discovered the Law of Attraction Planner and I can honestly say I have never looked back! I have set goals for my YouTube channel, work and for my personal life and managed to tick some off already! Striving towards smaller goals helps make tasks more digestible and helps you see your progress more easily. Each goal I make is assigned to a treat because let’s be honest, we all want a new handbag or pair of shoes! Focus on whats important to you and where you want to be in the future, but also be realistic. You may want a healthier diet but saying you can’t have the cake is setting you up for failure.


Re-discover Yourself

Maybe you want to restart a hobby that you used to love or just blast out that one hit that makes you feel better and having a good dance around the room! For me I am a huge lover of music. I miss the long commute to work in the car singing along to the radio and the latest hits. Working from home whilst also looking after a toddler has subjected me to the likes of Peppa Pig and the joys of Bing! Pair that with lockdown and it is very easy to forget the things you used to enjoy on a daily basis.

Each day, over the past 2 months I put on my playlist of choice whilst I workout or have it playing in the background whilst I do my day job. There’s nothing quite like having some of your favourite songs on in the background, especially when you’re having a challenging day! Another one of my favourite is the Just Dance game – oldie but a goodie and great for blowing of some steam.

Go back to what makes you, you!

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