Lockdown Rainbow Activity – How to get involved with your toddler

Life in lockdown is hard! Trying to juggle working from home, keeping on top of the housework whilst trying to keep your little one entertained with activities; not to mention the added mum guilt where you question – am I doing enough?

Many of you will have seen the beautiful rainbow pictures displayed in windows across the nation, helping to spread positivity at this difficult time. Whilst on a daily walk, they caught my eye and got me thinking…how could I adapt this for an 18 month old?

I came up with the idea of bubble wrap rainbow painting. It’s a great sensory activity, that your little one will love, and guess what?! It’s virtually mess-free!

To get started you will need…

  • Scissors
  • Card or paper (I used card as it withstood a lot of paint)
  • Tape
  • Bubble wrap (enough to cover your paper both sides)
  • Non-toxic paints

First, you will need to create a pocket from the bubble wrap. Fold in half and tape down both sides, making sure your card or paper slides into the pocket with plenty of room down the sides and along the top. You may need to use a few layers of tape to make sure there are no leaks!

Next, you will need to create your rainbow. Using your paints, draw your rainbow out on the paper, straight from the bottle making sure there is enough for your little one to spread and play with.

Once your rainbow is ready, carefully slide it into the bubble wrap pocket and tape down the final open edge and you’re ready to go! Give the pocket to your little one and let them pop the bubbles, hit, and smudge all the paint to create their masterpiece.

Wren went a little wild first time round, so we ended up with a sludge-rainbow, but after another try, we managed to salvage it and ended up with a lovely rainbow.

Once they are done with their picture, carefully cut down 3 sides of the pocket and peel back the bubble wrap, taking care not to ruin their work of art. Then, leave to dry. Ours took about a full 24 hours to dry completely.

Now you’re ready to display your rainbow in your window for everyone to see, helping to spread love and positivity.

We would love to see your creations.

Stay safe!

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